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Comparing Directories Ruby Style

I recently needed to recursively compare 2 directories by filename. Here’s the solution:

require 'ftools' 
srcDir = "/home/Music/"destDir = "/home/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music"

mHash = Hash.newiHash = Hash.new
 #Add all files to hash Dir[srcDir + '/**/*.mp3'].each do |path|    mHash[path.split('/').last] = pathend

#Add all files to second hash Dir[destDir + "/**/*.mp3"].each do |path|    iHash[path.split('/').last] = pathend

puts "Source # Files: " + mHash.length.to_sputs "Dest # Files: " + iHash.length.to_s

#Compare Hashes and copy Any datam Hash.each_key do |key|     if iHash[key] == nil         puts "Copying " + mHash[key] +" to " + destDir         File.copy(mHash[key],destDir+"/")         end end
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